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Dear Friend,

Establishing your Personal Brand on social media can be difficult. Even if you have a following you’re happy with, it’s not easy to sell your products. Between product creation, managing ad spend, marketing and sales and customer support…

It’s hard to run a profitable brand while maintaining the sense of passion that got you into business in the first place. Especially when you have important problems to fix, but don’t know where to find solutions. Problems like…

  • You don’t know how to turn your passion into a business
  • You don’t know how to go after your dreams in a confident and skilled way
  • You don’t know how to align your passion with a lucrative business model
  • You don’t know how to think like an entrepreneur

Luckily, I have a solution for you. 

  • Do you know the type of product you’d like to sell, but don’t know how to create “MVP” products that generate passive income?
  • Do you feel like you have a passion, but need guidance as to how it impacts your daily decisions behind the scenes?
  • Do you want to turn your purpose into a profitable business opportunity without quitting on your dream?
  • Do you have a lot of followers but don’t know how to capitalize on your audience? 
  • Do you want to know how Nike and Google research their audience so that every piece of content they release is strategically targeted?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep scrolling.

You're not alone. Millions of people, just like you, are struggling to build the infrastructure necessary to create an established personal brand.

My name is Jay Shetty. I’m a New York Times bestselling author, purpose coach, podcast host, and content creator.

I’m so grateful for the incredible response the world has had to my content. The amount of love I’ve received is still unbelievable to me.

I want to take a moment to point out that there are many people out there who have the ability to build powerful and lasting brands— they just need to have a deep understanding of the back-end systems necessary to support their growth, create “MVP” products, and truly understand their audiences.

It’s important to remember that every single person who sells a product on social media will eventually face problems surrounding order fulfillment, back-end systems, and brand establishment.

Especially if their brand is growing quickly.

But if you follow the methods that have brought stunning results to over 2,000 of my students, your passion will be unleashed and your business will thrive.

Before I found my way, I tried every method possible to establish my brand. I would create content non-stop— approaching media companies, cold-emailing anyone who would listen, and constantly pumping out new posts.

And guess what? It wasn’t sustainable.

I had started posting on social media to share my passion. But the more followers I gained, the longer my list of problems grew.

Why? Because I didn’t have methods for…

  • Order fulfillment 
  • Customer support 
  • Branding 
  • Ad budgeting
  • Creating sellable, life-changing products
  • Understanding visibility on different content channels
  • Setting up partnerships and referral programs
  • Knowing my audience
  • Using KPIs (key performance indicators) to enhance my content and target my audience

Needless to say, it was a stressful period.

So, how did I grow, change, and improve?

By diving deep into my past experiences.

I went back and examined the timeless philosophies and sciences I had spent my time studying as a monk.

I had once spent my days meditating, reflecting, and being completely focused on internal growth. To this day, this is still who I am. And the moment I decided to honor this part of myself in my business is the moment I truly became successful. 

When I applied the same principles that made me feel aligned in my personal life to my professional life, everything slowly came together for me.

Here’s the thing. Outward success is no different from inward success. When you choose to prioritize your purpose–– both in your inner and outer lives–– abundance will manifest for you.

From that moment forward, my business wasn’t the goal. It was simply the means that brought my goal to life–– living with purpose in every way, and teaching others how to do so as well.

Eventually, my brand started becoming increasingly successful–– and I was spending less time running it than before. It was an absolutely pivotal moment in my journey.

Suddenly, my products and services began selling 24/7. Requests for collaboration and partnerships went through the roof. My brand was MORE aligned with fulfilling my passion than ever before.

I knew with great certainty that I wanted to keep creating “MVP” products, solving business problems by using purpose in a deeper way, and creating new opportunities for self-growth. 

But now I felt a moral obligation to help those who were experiencing the same problems–– personally and professionally–– that I now knew the solutions to.

I needed to write, create, and develop a step-by-step method so that people wouldn’t be tempted to give up on their passion. Business problems should never slow us down from chasing our passions.

This is how you build an established brand with timeless products. By being true to your passions, seeking proactive answers to difficult problems, and knowing your audience as deeply as possible. 


If you’re worried about building a business that doesn’t feed your soul, here’s a comforting thought for you. Your brand can create both fulfillment and financial success for you at the same time. It isn’t one or the other. Yes, you can feel fulfilled while making money. 


You don’t have to sacrifice financial security for pursuing your purpose.


I’ve helped over 2,000 people achieve this. Don’t you think you also deserve this freedom? Yes, you do. And there’s an audience of people out there waiting to enjoy your content and purchase your products. But in order for this to happen, you have to examine the ways in which your passion affects every facet of your business. And you have to start today. That’s the only way this is going to work. And I believe in you.

The Missing Piece To Aligning Your Passion With Profit And Living Your Purpose

For years my followers have been asking for my guidance on fixing their business problems. I’ve finally put all my thoughts and advice together in a single, step-by-step program.

You're about to enter a very special world, one that gives you.....

The freedom and BIG earning capacity you need to do the things you really LOVE.

To live life on your terms and by your rules, while in control of your time and earning capacity…working just a few hours a day.

The new program I've created is designed to show you exactly how you can build a business that largely runs itself in just a few short weeks.

I’ve drawn on my years of experience to outline the exact processes and patterns that have driven my successes, inspired my best ideas, and guided my most successful projects.

And I’ve packaged the entire lesson in a course you can finish in your own time and at your own pace.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do after Purpose MBA:

  • Turn your passion into a business to create a stable and lucrative career.
  • Know your passion clearly and what makes you come alive.
  • Go after your dreams in a confident, skilled, and consistent way.
  • Sell products that validate your business ideas and abilities.
  • Use lucrative business models that align with your purpose and mission.
  • Approach every problem with a solution by thinking like an entrepreneur.
  • Shift from "I don't know where to start" to "I know exactly what to do"
  • Analyze your industry standards so that your product continues improving and selling well.

Who is this course for?

Purpose MBA is for anyone who has the desire to…
  • Turn their passion into a business
  • Learn how to build a successful online brand
  • Escape the rat race and their 9–5 job
  • Use their purpose and live their highest potential
  • Create financial freedom and escape financial stress.

If you want to experience any of the benefits above, then this course is for you.

Once you finish Purpose MBA, you will know with crystal clarity:

  • Passion Integration so that you can turn your passion into a business to create a stable and lucrative career
  • Passion Clarification so that you know what your passion is, and know how to gain more passion that makes you come alive

  • Dream Validation so that you know how to go after your dreams in a confident, skilled, and consistent way

  • Idea Validation so that you know how to test business ideas and create certainty that your product/service will succeed in the marketplace

  • Business Alignment so that you can create lucrative business models that are aligned with your purpose (even if you’ve never built a business before) 

  • CEO Contemplation so that you can think like an entrepreneur and use our road-map to creating lucrative businesses at will

  • Inner Circle Configuration to accelerate your growth while ensuring you're supported by a community that understands your journey and wants to see you succeed so you never have to feel like you’re walking this road alone!

What are you waiting for?

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Here’s what you get access to with Purpose MBA:

Module 1-3: Purpose Training

  • Video lessons, exercises, and reflections in your study group
  • Discover your purpose and passion using proprietary tools
  • Identify your strengths
  • Work on mindset foundation

You’ll learn about your strengths and receive feedback so that you can face your business problems with a growth mindset.

Module 4-6: Turning Your Purpose into a Business Idea

  • Video lessons, exercises, and reflections in your study group
  • Come up with business ideas
  • Discover how to validate your business ideas

You’ll learn how to come up with good business ideas and test them out to create clarity, planning, and confidence before you start investing large amounts of time.

Module 7: Think Like a CEO

  • Learn entrepreneurial mindset evolution path
  • Assess your present mindset state & understand your desired future state
  • Assess your relationship with money and power
  • Unlearn procrastinating and sabotaging behaviors
  • Draw your business vision (draft 1)
  • Organize your time in a way that compliments your business goals

You’ll learn how to maintain your entrepreneurial mindset to get through challenges and eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors.

Module 8: Understand How Your Customers Think

  • Get introduced to Consumer Behavior Science
  • Learn primary and secondary research techniques
  • Learn competitor analysis
  • Begin idea and demand validation
  • Learn research and analysis tech tools
  • Understand data analysis and data-driven decision-making process

You’ll be able to understand your customers on a deeper level by using time-tested research analysis techniques that are used by billion-dollar companies.

Module 9: Create Your Brand

  • Awaken your creativity
  • Discover your design potential
  • Create your branding style-sheet
  • Design your basic marketing materials
  • Define your brand positioning

You’ll learn how to grow your natural creativity and use it to enhance your design, copy, and marketing techniques to build brand credibility.

Module 10: Write Your Story

  • Learn copywriting techniques
  • Try copywriting frameworks and formulas
  • Create your email sequence copy
  • Create your landing page copy
  • Record your first Video Sales Letter
  • Draft a masterclass outline

You’ll learn how to tell your story in the most emotional and powerful way possible (across different mediums) so that you can attract an audience that relates to you on a deep and emotional level. 

Module 11: Plan Your Online Presence

  • Understand the best visibility channels for your business
  • Identify the relevance of your marketing efforts
  • Learn various content creation strategies
  • Play with content repurposing
  • Plan collaboration, partnerships, and referral programs
  • Begin the outreach

You’ll learn how to generate higher views and engagement as well as forming partnerships and collaborations with fellow businesses and creators.

Module 12: Design Your Customer Journey

  • Learn Life-cycle Marketing
  • Map your client journeys
  • Learn various sales campaigns, funnels, and strategies
  • Design your first marketing and sales funnel
  • Set your business goals: revenue goals, sales targets, lead generation targets, and visibility goals

You’ll learn how to create content that allows your audience to follow a specific story, over a long period of time–– in the same way a Netflix show is watched over multiple episodes and seasons.

Module 13: Build Your Sales Process

  • Understand the Psychology of Sales
  • Create your first sales scripts
  • Build a sales workflow
  • Create a value proposition
  • Design packages
  • Brainstorm upsells, cross-sells, and down sales

You’ll learn the basic psychology of sales and create several different ways to market your products and create a consistent flow of buyers.

Module 14: Create your Business Model

  • Learn design thinking
  • Create your business model
  • Write your detailed business plan
  • Learn project management for small business owners
  • Brainstorm outsourcing and skill barter

You’ll learn how to create detailed business models to optimize your workflow and even outsource roles for time and energy efficiency.

Module 15: Your Business Tech & Automations

  • Learn business growth strategies
  • Learn more tech tools and platforms for business automation
  • Understand how to manage your business finances
  • Set your financial goals
  • Setup and publish your first funnel online!

You’ll create your first online funnel and begin using the platforms that will help grow your business in the fastest, most lucrative way.

Module 16: Your Business Launch

  • Review all our assignments
  • Design your first website
  • Set Test & Experiment Cards for the next quarter
  • Finish working on your launch plan

You’ll go through all your work up until this point and design your first website, as well as setting goals for your next business quarter.

So, How Much Does All of This Cost?


Now, before I tell you the price… I want to ask you something. 

How annoying is it to spend hours every day on back-end problems in your business, only to find peace until something else goes wrong? Or waking up every morning to new customer support questions and order issues that keep you busy, tired, and distracted?

What if I told you that you can use your passion to create not only a business, but a seamless and successful business? The key to having a successful brand lies almost ENTIRELY on your ability to look for answers that amplify your passion— without taking up more of your precious time.

What if you could…

  • Achieve a business that functions smoothly
  • Create products based on billion-dollar research methods
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset that allows you grow and build
  • And spend more time on opportunities that fulfill your passions and purpose

All while setting the necessary operations in place for you to scale your brand as quickly as possible, while making your job as a brand owner more simple and enjoyable.

With an uncapped opportunity for increasing your income.

What would a life like that be worth for you? To REALLY  live it, how much would you be willing to pay to make it a reality? Because I’ve got some good news for you… and no, it’s not going to cost you 25k, a new home loan or a lottery win. 

In fact, I believe in you so much that I’m offering my life-changing course to you for $900 only. With a payment plan option of just 3 payments of $400.

Yes, there are courses that cost a whole lot more. But this course is the most actionable— which means you’re more likely to get fast results— and stay motivated to keep it going.

There's limited space available as
we only have room to allow 200 people to join.

So, it's purely a first-come, first-served basis.

Also, this offer is only being shown to those who have purchased the Diamond version of Social Media Growth. And it’s a one-time offer…

If you click away from this page or choose not to buy, I totally understand.

Just know that this offer cannot be found on my website or anywhere else on the internet. You won’t see this course discounted like this ever again.

The normal cost is $2,000 with a payment plan option of $377 for 6 months…

Meaning that if you buy now, you’ll be saving OVER 50% of the normal cost…

Take This Course

Also included in Purpose MBA: 

  • 25 Personal Development Workshops
  • 2 Weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions with Jay Shetty’s Team (1 hour each) 
  • Replays available with lifetime access
  • Assignment guidelines and templates for implementation 
  • 24/7 admin and tech support via live chat
  • Guided onboarding process via 1:1 chat
  • Private Community & Learning App (Get your own study group!)
  • Certificate of Completion from an accredited school 
  • Founder’s Box: 50+ Ready-To-Use Business Tools 

What’s inside the Business Toolkit? 

  • Entrepreneur Personal Development workbooks
  • Personality assessments
  • Focus Exercises
  • Discipline Workbook 
  • Goal Setting Guides
  • Financial Planning Templates
  • Website Building Guides
  • Branding Workbook
  • Designing Templates
  • Business Plan Template
  • Reflective Journaling Prompts
  • Online Presence Plan Templates
  • Business Model Templates
  • …and much much more! 

As well as Always Available Tier 1 Help!

  • Admin & Tech 24/7 support - with a live chat and dedicated group. 
  • Peer support through a dedicated networking group
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Written support in your dedicated study group from mentors and admin team. 

Support is matched to the type of obstacle you’re encountering so that you can receive the most useful help when you need it.

Our Guarantee For Those Who Decide To Enter Purpose MBA:

“No Person Left Behind” Guarantee

We will work together until you succeed. You’re not paying us for our time. You’re paying us to help you solve a problem. We understand that people work at different paces. That’s OK! But results can happen in as little as 6-12 weeks. However, we will continue working together and updating and improving for 3 months minimum. 

Bottom line: if you purchase Purpose MBA, we’ll keep working together until you succeed. 

Our Promise: 

Purpose MBA will give you the motivation, encouragement, and confidence you need to launch a business you’re passionate about. 


ONLY for the first 200 people to join Purpose MBA:

  • 12 monthly LIVE Q&A’s with Jay Shetty
    $1,199 value

  • 3 Exclusive Jay Shetty Meditation
    $299 value

  • 5 Productivity & Innovation Workshops by Jay Shetty
    $499 value

That’s a total value of $1,997 for FREE

This time next year, you could have your first 3, 5, or even 10+ products live and selling 24/7. 

Just like any journey, it begins with the first step.

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To ensure your enrollment, please register while the course is still accessible to the general public.

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